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Unlock Revelation 2017

Audio CD and Video DVD media order sheet

Audio files available for on-line listening or download

For the best experience and understanding, topics should be listened to in the order shown below

1 Revelation Unfolding in 2017 .mp3 .wma
2 Prophecy’s Final New World Order  .mp3 .wma
3 Revelation's Apocalypse .mp3 .wma
4 Revelation’s Judgement Hour Pt 1 .mp3 .wma
5 Revelation’s Judgement Hour Pt 2  .mp3 .wma
6 Revelation Exposes End-Time Anti-Christ  .mp3 .wma
7 Revelation Reveals End-Time Anti-Christ  .mp3 .wma
8 The Anti-Christ’s End-TIme Attack  .mp3 .wma
9 Anti-Christ’s End-Time Deception Pt 1  .mp3 .wma
10 Anti-Christ’s End-Time Deception Pt 2  .mp3 .wma
11 Revelation’s Rapture  .mp3 .wma
12 Are There Ghosts in Lansing?  .mp3 .wma
13 Revelation’s Lake of Fire  .mp3 .wma
14 Revelation’s Zombie Apocalypse  .mp3 .wma
15 The USA in Bible Prophecy .mp3 .wma
16 Revelation’s Scarlet Harlot 1 & 2 .mp3 .wma-1
17 The Mark of the Beast  .mp3 .wma
18 Revelation’s End Time Temple of Glory  .mp3 .wma
19 Revelation’s Four Horsemen  .mp3 .wma
20 Joyful Sabbaths  .mp3 .wma
21 Revelation’s End Time Movement Pt 1  .mp3 .wma
22 Revelation’s End Time Movement Pt 2  .mp3 .wma
23 The Subject the Devil Hates the Most  .mp3 .wma
24 The 144,000 .mp3 .wma
25 Heaven on Earth  .mp3 .wma
26 Sacred Music Concert .mp3 .wma