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Vacation Bible School - 2018

The light shineth in the darkness! 
Just give us the Bible!  

We want to encourage our army of young ones to shine truth in Lansing this year at Vacation Bible School!

The Waldensians’ Motto

High up in the Piedmont Valley are mazes of cold, damp but secure caves that often served as a refuge for the Waldensians.

In times of intense persecution, these people of the valleys would gather together in their mountain hideouts, huddling for shelter in the dim and dank caves that crisscrossed the mountains. These caves were not only a place of refuge but a place of worship as well and here shut in by the cold stone walls, in a place of perfect peace and silence they sang their hymns and praises to God and spent time in simple but earnest congregational worship and prayer.

The Waldensians’ motto was Lux Lucet in Tenebris, light shining in the darkness and theirs was a light that burned steadily without waxing or waning for centuries, even in the face of terrible persecution. They chose to fiercely guard their commitment to the word of God and were willing to bear the cost that came with that commitment. Often that cost was to leave behind their homes and livelihoods to flee into the wild and rugged regions of the Alpine valleys.

If you are able to help in a monetary way, please make a donation by marking your tithe envelopes for VBS.  Any and all donations will help immensely! 

If you want to volunteer at VBS or help set up, please email Megan at or call 269-569-3889.
Also, below are some important dates to put on your calendar! 
Set up week: 
July 9th-13th
10:00am – 4:00pm setting up in the gym
All volunteers welcome. 
Please bring tools if you are handy at building
Wear work clothes that you might even paint in. 
July 9th – 13th
5:30-9:00 Skit practice. 
If you are an actor, please see Megan for a detailed rehearsal schedule. 
July 16th – 20th VBS!!!! 
6:00-8:00 (The volunteer’s dinner will be served each night starting at 5:00) 
-Bring your children, neighbors, cousins, etc.… 4yrs and older (youngers are welcome with a parent) 
Special VBS presentation during the divine service.
All church potluck to follow.
Guests are invited!
July 22nd VBS clean up! 
10:00am - Noon
Any loose ends that need to be cleaned up and finished up will happen this day.  We will need many extra hands.  We will want to assist the school in putting things back together as much as we can too.  Thanks in advance for making this an important date on your calendar!!!!! 


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