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The Three Angels Messages



Revelation chapter 14 tells of three important messages given to the world just prior to the second coming of Christ.  The Apostle John’s vision here is not symbolic of three literal angels who will come and proclaim these messages to the world. Rather, it refers to God’s people—His ambassadors—who proclaim these truths.

The Three Angels’ Messages are the final messages of warning to the world. These messages ensure that everyone has had a chance to choose between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Earth—Satan's kingdom. When the messages have been given, the time of probation for the earth will close and Christ will return to free His people.

The great war between Christ and Satan reaches its climax as these messages are preached, and the people of the world will be split into two groups: the followers of Christ and the followers of Satan.

The contest will be fierce and there will be a time of the worst trouble to ever happen (Daniel 12:1).

Throughout the book of Revelation, the two great camps are contrasted. Satan tries his best to counterfeit the plan of salvation, in order to deceive the world and God’s people (Matthew 24:24).

Revelation tells of a symbolic Beast power, which is seen in history to be the system of Roman Catholicism.  Satan uses that system to counterfeit the ministry of Christ.

Only the true Prince of this world, Jesus Christ, can save us and cleanse us from all sin and unrighteousness:

When Christ returns, the false prince—Satan—will be judged and cast out (John 16:11).

The battle and stark differences between the two sides is a theme throughout the book of Revelation.


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