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Landmarks of Prophecy Bible Study


Fascinating video presentations with companion study guides.

Bible prophecy is made clear.

Learn about last-day events, the coming of Christ, death, heaven & hell,

antichrist, the mark of the beast, and more !

To avoid confusion, it is strongly recommended you advance through the studies

in the order presented.

Download your study materials below:

Landmarks of Prophecy Info Sheet

1-Dream of the Ages.pdf      1-Dream of the Ages.mp4

2-The Return of the King.pdf   2-The Return of the King.mp4

3-The Prince of Pride.pdf    3-The Prince of Pride.mp4

4-The Ultimate Sacrifice.pdf   4-The Ultimate Sacrifice.mp4

5-The Devil's Dungeon.pdf    5-The Devil's Dungeon.mp4 

6-The Unchangeable Law.pdf    6-The Unchangeable Law.mp4

7-The Rest of Our Work.pdf     7-The Rest of Our Work.mp4

8-Bewitching Spirits.pdf    8-Bewitching Spirits.mp4

9-The Final Firestorm.pdf    9-The Final Firestorm.mp4 

10-Cleansing the Sanctuary.pdf    10-Cleansing the Sanctuary.mp4

11-The Magnificent Kingdom.pdf    11-The Magnificent Kingdom.mp4

12-Born in a River.pdf    12-Born in a River.mp4

13-Bowing to the Beast.pdf    13-Bowing to the Beast.mp4

14-Marked for Death.pdf    14-Marked for Death.mp4

15-The Woman of Truth.pdf    15-The Woman of Truth.mp4

16-The Daughter's Deadly Dance.pdf    16-The Daughter's Deadly Dance.mp4

17-Babylon's Buffet.pdf    17-Babylon's Buffet.mp4

18-The King's Ambassador.pdf    18-The King's Ambassador.mp4

19-True and False Prophets.pdf    19-True and False Prophets.mp4

20-The Goal of the Godly.pdf    20-The Goal of the Godly.mp4