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Lansing Seventh-day Adventist Church Support for School in Ebeye

Our Lansing Church Student Missionary, Paloma Rodriguez is teaching at a school on the Marshall Island of Ebeye nearly 7,000 miles away! The school is in need of many things and the Lansing Church plans to rally to their aid.  If you wish to help, please contact Paul Wehrmeyer. Below is a list of the needs at the school. We plan to mail some of these items that we collect. When you bring items to the church be sure to label the box "For Paloma in Ebeye". Funds for shipping costs are much appreciated.


Seventh-day Adventist School in Ebeye, Over 322 young happy students
Seventh-day Adventist School in Ebeye, Over 322 young happy students



Items needed to help Paloma at the school


  1. Funds for mail shipping costs.
  2. Ukuleles or parts to build them.
  3. 12 volt led lights, fans, rechargeable batteries, and battery chargers for working when the power goes out.
  4. Bibles, Classic American literature and any children’s books, EG white books, etc.
  5. Pathfinder uniforms, all sizes,  old uniforms will do. (Other  clothing items are needed as well)
  6. Hand sanitizer  or ingredients for making it.
  7. Garden seeds, dry seed starting soils (the island has only poor sandy soil)
  8. Rolled Oats, Granola bars  and other non-perishable food. ( It is too expensive to ship heavy items like canned goods)
  9. Window fans for the classrooms (these are 120 volt with standard plugs) 12 needed.
  10. Rolls of window screen to stop the bugs.
  11. Water desalination units ( When the rain water is gone they only have sea water)


Please label your donations “Paloma in Ebeye” and bring them to the Lansing SDA Church.    Thank You for your help

Water filtration and Hand Sanitizers

Water filtration for both the school and their little apt complex.  The water is very dirty and they do not have any hand washing stations at the school so Paloma would really like a stockpile of hand sanitizers.  I asked how they flush toilets and she said that they have to carry buckets. When electricity is out, no running water so no showers.  When it doesn’t rain, no fresh water so only salt water is available for showering so if there is a system to get salt water filtered out somehow that would be great. 

One of our Lansing Church members is putting together  a Sawyer Filter and a plastic pail you can build a filter with this $45 kit https://www.amazon.com/Sawyer-Products-SP181-Filtration-Squeezable/dp/B004TZ86M6/ref  3 to 4 of these kits should be able to serve the entire school with clean drinking water.

Desalination Unit

Filters do not remove salt from sea water. Desalination units will be needed for this,

Bibles, Books and calculators

Other needs I can think of right now are: E.G. White books for kids, classic books like Tom Sawyer, Moby Dick, etc. and of course bibles.  Martha sent about 20 bibles this week donated by the Baptist church. Calculators and school supplies as usual. 

Tables and Chairs

In her classroom there are not enough tables and chairs for all the students and a desk for teachers as Paloma and someone else go back and forth with sharing a teacher desk.  There is a total of 322+ students currently attending with some that just joined from the GEM  Christian school on the island which is the Mormon’s school I think.

Fabric and Pathfinder Uniforms

Paloma started a choir and would like fabric to have someone over there make choir robes. 

Any used pathfinder uniforms as they have a small group over there but no uniforms.


Garden seeds as she is trying to start a community garden but I believe the ground is not very fertile. 

Air conditioners, fans and window screens.

It is always very hot over there so yes AC units would be great, however, electricity works half of the week. She says it is unbearable to sleep at night because it is so stuffy but can’t leave door open because all the roaches will swarm in. We can send some fans for the school and some window screen material.

Music and shipping costs

Lastly, their major musical instrument over there is the ukulele. Paloma has been borrowing one these past 6 weeks so Martha finally sent her one.  She says a lot of the kids know how to play but do not have one available to use just sharing between them the few that are out there.