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 Paloma and her students win Ebeye Science Fair


8 smiling children at their Science Fair booth

Martha Rodriguez (Paloma's Mother)  reported “Just wanted to let you all know that the middle schoolers at Ebeye SDA won the competition for the science fair with the small solar power project against all the other island schools.    The attendees at the fair were all very impressed and interested in trying to purchase  items on display. We are very grateful for all the support provided by the Lansing and area churches. Thank you, thank you!”


This semester, at Michigan State University, A small personal power system is being developed called the. “Jungle Power Pod”  An early prototype of this system was sent to Paloma in Ebeye in January 2019.


The system consists of the the following:

  1. Cell phone charger port.
  2. A switched fan port that can power 2 fans for several nights on a single charge.
  3. Switched light port that can provide about 8 hours of light on one charge.
  4. Solar panel that will charge battery when the sun shines.
  5. Circuit breaker that will disconnect battery if a short circuit occurs.
  6. Wall charger port that charges the battery when power is available. This is a 14 volt regulated power supply that can be left plugged in continuously.
  7. On/Off switches

The unit has several peripherals shown in the picture below:

  1. 12 volt battery
  2. Led desk lamp
  3. High efficiency BLDC computer cooling fans
  4. Wall charger
  5. Solar panel
  6. Extra USB charger for cell phones and computers
  7. Optional Peltier cooler (for use with bigger battery such as a car battery)
  8. Optional water mister (to help provide more cooling effect for sleeping at night when temperatures are high)
  9. Optional crank charger



This mini power system is perfect for demonstrating how electrical power systems operate. The current system being developed by the students at Michigan State University will have added features that automatically turn off peripherals and manage the charge of the battery.

This system is currently providing a way for Paloma to read at night, charge her cell phone and keep cool while sleeping.